Wear the Red Dress!

When in doubt…wear the red dress!  Red is probably my favorite color, and also one that creates many emotions.  For me, the obvious emotion of red is love – Valentines Day, hearts, etc.  For others, red may bring feelings of anger or tension.  It’s a powerful color with a unique ability to stir up strong emotions.  Men will wear a red power tie to help make a big sales pitch, or to an important interview.  It draws people in when they look at a black and white photo showing a singular red feature – a scarf around a woman’s neck perhaps.  An local Romance Author might add a little red umbrella to the front cover of her first novel to catch a reader’s eye as she peruses the book shelves (wink wink).  During this Christmas season, we now see the infamous ‘red cups‘ filled with coffee that many enjoy, holding it in their hands for warmth on a cold winters day.

In my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, there are stunning red dresses worn during the last scene.  I’ve always dreamed of wearing that dress someday! Even my favorite Christmas tree has a red dress bodice, and the tree is the skirt.  I named her ‘Audrey’. 

Not too long ago, I attended a fundraising event with some co-workers.  I could have worn the classic little black dress, as many women do for parties (and I am a BIG fan of the little black dress don’t get me wrong), but that year I was about to make some big changes in my life and I wanted the dress to reflect my inner strength, so to speak.  So I pulled out the red satin, sleeveless dress and wore it with pride, although a little hesitant at first. Yes the black dress was in the car just in case I chickened out lol…

Have you ever been torn between two choices, and you always seem to make the ‘safe’ choice because you know that is what everyone expects of you?  The choice that is ‘comfortable’ always makes the most sense right?  NO…NOT ALL THE TIME!  The difference between choosing what you know you want – deep down, or choosing what is expected of you, can make the difference in the quality of your life, regardless of quantity.  Don’t get me wrong, there is also a difference in choosing what is right and what simply ‘feels good’, but only you (and God if you are a believer) will know what that means.  No one can tell you otherwise, so don’t let them!  I like to think though, that even when we make a choice and it turns out to be the wrong one (because we all have and unfortunately will again and again), God can use it to shape our future and make us stronger and wiser.  And yes, it’s rare, but sometimes…we might even get a second chance to choose right.

My Christmas tree lights just kicked off, indicating that it’s way past my bedtime (I have Hallmark channel to thank for that lol), and I’m thinking its about time to pull out that red dress again!  Where would I go to need such a bold dress?  Well, it is the holidays right? I don’t know exactly where yet, but I’ll know when the time comes.  Maybe Mr. Right will ask me to a fun party or maybe I’ll just wear it and go to the party by myself, proud of the woman God made me…faults and all!

Maybe it’s not the red dress so much, but how I feel when I’m wearing the dress.

In the end…the dress is simply a symbol of my confidence, strength, living out loud (as my GF tells me I should do all the time), not being afraid of the future, trusting God to guide me despite my bad choices, and sometimes it means taking a chance even when I’m scared to death!  T

So yes, when in doubt, I will choose the red dress!  (Or the white one because your daughter specifically picked it out for you while shopping lol…but in that case always wear the red shoes!)

Is it time for you to choose the red dress/tie? Until next time…

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