The Art of Finding My Way

Since I last posted, several things have shifted in my life.  First, I’ll be staying in Washington now rather than moving back to the Midwest.  I still miss my family every day, but right now, this is home.  We have called Washington home for 8 years now, and I have more friends here than I ever thought possible.  My kids love their schools, and my husband has a great opportunity to return to school and get his teaching degree.  Everything pointed us toward staying here…in our home.

That decision to stay brought new choices and opportunities.  I was given an incredible opportunity to work in the non-profit sector, so I decided to take a leap of faith, and took a new job!  That has also caused writing delays, but SO worth it!  My former job was Marketing and PR, and with that came many opportunities to be involved in my community and learn about the wonderful nonprofit organizations we have.  As I continued to become invested in those nonprofits, planning events, sitting on committees, volunteering…my heart grew more and more passionate about giving and serving others.  I think it was always my destiny since the meaning of my name is ‘Helper of Mankind’, therefore it must be part of my DNA.   It’s also where my heart is!

Leaving behind dear friends and coworkers was hard, but it felt right from the very beginning, and the nice thing is I still get to see them often in this wonderful community of ours.  So, I am now a Development Manager for a local community college foundation, and in my first two weeks, I already love it!  It’s everything I wanted and more.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more pride or dedication than when I’m involved in helping raise funds for worthy causes.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m finding my way and purpose in this life.  I’m giving my family the first fruits of my time when at all possible, fulfilling my passion to write – wrapping up my second novel ‘Grace After the Storm’, and now that my full-time job is giving back to others, that is covered too.  It can take time to find your way.  Sometimes it requires making choices that require sacrifice, and may not always look like what we wanted in the beginning, but in the end it starts to take shape.

I imagine when a painter begins a new work of art, it starts off looking somewhat ugly and rough, a mere charcoal sketch of the image to come.  Once colors are added, each tiny brush stroke makes the images more clear and visible.  After a while, it starts to look familiar, recognizable even, but it’s still not done.  It’s up to the artist to determine its tone and meaning.  Adding dark paint can turn it to night – lighter paint into day.  Slowly, with each added layer, the image becomes more vibrant and the final picture is finally revealed.  A work of art can take hours, days, even weeks, but even after the image is finished, the passing of time can still change it’s appearance, making it even more beautiful than before. Like works of art, we are changed and made more beautiful with time.  It may be years before we know our true

Until next time, paint something!

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