Silver Linings

I’ve yet to see one – a silver lining.  I’m sure they are beautiful and peaceful and perfect in every way.  I think they hold promise and possibility, and hope.  Not having seen one yet makes me anticipate its arrival ev

I suppose the key is not to wait around for the silver lining to show up, and go about living our lives as best we can.  Then, when it does appear, it will take us by surprise and be all the more special.  If we focus on it, it could consume us and make us long for something that may never come.

Silver lining…

I hope to see your splendor one day.

Until then, I will live, love, eat and pray.

I will anxiously wait for you to appear,

but never putting aside what is most dear.

Silver lining…

You are there, longing to be seen

I believe you are waiting for me to become me.

For all the right pieces to fall into place,

So until then, I will patiently wait.

Here’s to a silver lining in your future!

Until next time….

#silverlinings #hopeforfuture #timingiseverything

#GodsTiming #Hope #SilverLining


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