Moments that Take Your Breath!

I was in a coffee shop this morning and saw a coffee mug that reflected the quote below; how life should be measured in moments that take yo

I’m on vacation this week with my two youngest kids – visiting my parents and family, friends from school, etc.  It’s been a relaxing week so far, already filled with many surprises and unexpected happy moments like katydids, fireflies and thunder and lightening.  My best friend from Missouri drove down to visit me too, and we got some much needed girl time in, catching up on one another’s lives.  I cherish those moments with her, as I know I’m lucky to still have her in my life and on this earth!

Another special moment occurred during my morning run today.  I plotted my course and was about to reach my turn-around-point, when instead, I decided to push on to the next driveway ahead.  Just before I reached the drive however, I saw a daddy and mommy deer, and three tiny little spotted fawn, jump from out of the field and then ran across the road in front of me.  It was a sight I hadn’t seen in quite some time – not an entire family at least.  It was so peaceful out there…just wide open blue sky, the road under my feet, me, God, and the deer.  That moment took my breath away!

There are moments like these happening every day, all around us.  Sometimes though, I wonder how many we miss from sticking to our safe routines and rituals?  How many moments have I missed by staring at my phone? Guilty.  How many fun moments have I created BECAUSE of my phone, though!  LOL!  🙂   How many would have been missed if I hadn’t taken a chance and risked something in order to grab hold of that moment and hang on as long as I could?  It could be as simple as seeing the sun set, or rise, or a family of deer.  Maybe it’s the laughter of your children, or watching your dog chew up your favorite shoes.  Grrrr….  It could be reconnecting with a friend from long ago, reminiscing about past memories while making new ones.  Those are the moments that will live with us forever – that will make us smile years from now, knowing we had them.  There are some moments so powerful, that they even change our path, or cause us to re-think our future and push us to make different choices that we may not have made before.  THOSE moments, whether good ones, or not so good ones…are the moments I want every day!  To know that I have lived and breathed everything in, holding nothing back.  For the good moments, just knowing that I can close my eyes and smile, and remember how I felt in that moment is worth a thousand words.  And trust me…I have no trouble coming up with the words.   And for the bad moments in life, I learn to appreciate more of the good ones when they come along.  

This week, I’m also reminded that it’s been two years since I lost a dear friend and fellow author to liver cancer.  He taught me so much about writing, and many of our conversations I still carry in my head and heart.  His friendship was a breath of fresh air, and I treasure the moments we spent talking (and him patiently teaching me the mechanics of writing) still today.   His life ended far too soon, but I know he enjoyed life to the fullest, and wasted little time on past regrets.  A lesson for all of us to learn.

In this life, what’s done is done.  Don’t miss the moments in what’s yet to come!

Until next time my friends…

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