Mentee to Mentor

My writing mentor passed away two years ago this month, and I always remember him by reading a few chapters of one of his novels.  I can still hear his advice ringing in my head as I type the words of my new book…’passive vs. active voice’, or ‘description description description’.  He hated romance novels, but read every page of my novel and gave me more encouragement and hope than I could ever asked for.

I was bless

The second special moment was receiving an email from my mentor’s mother, whom I’ve stayed connected with since his death.  I mailed her a copy of my second book and she received it the same week Gregg passed.  She said she’s anxious to read it, and will be in touch again soon.  Her email lifted my spirits today, and that was a blessing of its own as today has been filled with my own personal loss of sorts.  I still miss Gregg’s words and advice, and hope he’s looking down smiling on my progress as an author.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least give my mentor’s work a shout.  His very first novel was written many years ago, but is still available on  Look up ‘Bob Nine’, by Gregg Haugland.  A fun, unique read you won’t soon forget! Cheers to you Gregg!  You are never forgotten…

Your Mentee


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