In the Storm

Last night, it rained here.  It rained hard.  I sat on the edge of my bed and listened intently, closed my eyes, and tried to quiet every thought I had.  No inner monologue (very hard for me!).  No inside words.  I just listened to it beat against the roof and waited.  I wasn’t waiting for anything in particular, but I waited anyway.  The thunder came, the lightening…all of it!  It was music to my ears!  I’ve missed those storms so much.

Recently my family found ourselves inside a severe personal storm however – those aren’t nearly as enjoyable.  There were moments when I didn’t think we would make it through, and I beat myself up pretty good for bringing it on my family.  Then a turning point came and things began to change.  As fast as the storm came, it left, and I started seeing smiles on my kids faces instead of frowns…laughter instead of tears.  Little moments of

The rain falls with intense purpose; much like God’s grace and mercy, which falls on us with intense purpose!  Even when we don’t deserve it, it falls on us anyway.  He is looking down on us, just waiting for us to notice the rain and listen.  He’s waiting for us to wait on Him.  Through this recent storm, I was reminded to keep my eyes focused on what matters most in life – my children.  No one person or thing will ever be as important as them.

I am living a new and different life now, but I know we are in God’s hands.  I am surrounded by my family, wonderful friends near and far, and a good church home for which I’m so thankful.  Despite my mistakes and flaws, I believe God has something good for us ahead! We will get through the storms yet to come, and I look forward to the beauty that awaits after they pass…


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