Grace Found On the Broken Road

Today starts a new chapter in my life, and the life of my family.  I won’t share the details, but suffice it to say that the changes taking place will forever change the course of my path, and theirs.  God already has a plan for each of us in all of this, I know it.  It may not be the original ‘Plan A’, but I’m confident that God will continue to bless my family in new and different ways because of His love, mercy and grace for each of us.

I wonder at times if these changes will open the doors for new opportunities and even allow us to see life from a new perspective.  I hope so.  Perspective is such hard thing to have at times when we focus in on the one part of life that hurts, or the one thing that makes us angry or sad.  It’s difficult to retract our view and behold the situation in its entirety.  Once we can do that, whenever that time comes, I believe that’s the moment we will understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’, and begin to open our minds to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this was the road we were MEANT to travel.  That all the challenges, road blocks, detours, pot holes, forks in the road, downed power lines and trees, the roads less traveled, even the moments of smooth roads, will have led us to right now.

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been moved by music – their words, the notes, the beat…all of it speaks to me at a level I can’t even explain.  Being a singer and piano player since I was six explains most of that connection, but it runs deeper than that.  So, to accompany today’s blog, I have selected a song.  It’s one by Rascal Flatts…(love them!), ‘Bless the Broken Road’.  The words describe how God blesses even the most broken of roads and that they can lead us to new places with new meaning – places where we can start over and learn from our past travels.  They may even lead us to a beautiful future we never expected or thought we deserved!  Despite what we tend to believe of ourselves, how our mistakes define us and because of them we don’t deserve a good life, THEY DON’T.  In God’s eyes…WE ARE WORTH MORE!  God wants the best for us…imperfect, washed up, dirty, scarred and broken.  In my humanness though, I have limits and sometimes those limits define me and what I’m capable of doing.  Thankfully, God is LIMITLESS and nothing can separate us/me from His love! I believe He truly wants to bless our broken roads.   

I forget that too often, and today on my run…I was reminded of my brokenness.  I am like the uneven, broken, beat-up sidewalk my feet pound against, one foot after the other.  I need that road to get to where I am going…broken or not.  And to be honest, the c

I don’t believe anything just ‘happens’ in life, but I do believe everything happens for a REASON and that God’s hand is in all things, gently guiding us and nudging us toward our next path.  Ultimately, no matter what life brings or where we end up, we’re still on the journey until he calls us home.  My hope is that, despite the hard road that I know lies ahead, God is still in the details, and he has already gone before us to prepare the way…leading us to a place where we can be at peace, where we can enjoy this life if at all possible, and use us and the experiences we have had for His glory.

I have so many blessings in my life today, first and foremost are my four beautiful kids.  I’ve also been blessed with a wonderful family, countless friends who love and support me, the ability to live out my passion of writing, and a job that gives me the ability to help others in need.  I am fulfilled in ways I never imagined, and for that, I am humbled and grateful for my life as it is.  Yes, it’s full of challenges, trials, sadness at times, pain, as we all experience those things in life.  But it’s also filled with JOY and LOVE and a never ending supply of God’s GRACE!

Speaking of Grace, I must end today’s blog with a little shout out for my next novel.  I wrapped it up last month after a very long year of writing, and signed a contract this week to publish with 5 Prince Publishing!  It’s in the editing process as I type, and I am overjoyed that they have taken me on as one of their newest Authors!  So follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or simply visit my website for news about ‘GRACE AFTER THE STORM’ – being released in the Winter of 2015/2016 (between Dec-Feb).  February 4th is my official release date, however it may be sooner depending on how the process goes.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for December, but I’ll be thrilled regardless!  🙂  Thanks to all of you for being so patient…hope you enjoy the next installment of the ‘Elements of Love’ Series.

To all of you going through huge life changes right now, don’t you DARE give up hope.  God has a plan for your life, and mine. Although we still get to choose the path – whether good or bad – He’ll be with us through every turn giving out doses of hope, love, grace, mercy, patience, and ANYTHING we need to get us where we can focus on HIM.  This too will pass, and one day we will see that even suffering through the bad stuff will make us appreciate the GOOD things in this life so much more when they finally arrive.

Until next time, take a moment to enjoy some ice cream, or just a good cup of coffee…

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