Freedom in Writing

When I was in high school, I would write poetry to express my feelings.  It was the easiest form to use back then and the only thing that seemed to pour out of me.  (That…and my Creative Writing teacher taught poetry and he was really cute!  I’m sure I learned something, right?)  I filled at least three books that I can remember, which I still have buried in the garage.  Mo

Several years ago, I was visiting my parents for the weekend and remember being internally conflicted about something.  So much, that I woke u

It was the most incredible feeling, unlocking all my pent-up emotions and throwing them on paper to remove them from my head.  It worked, and two hours later, I lay my head down and was sound asleep within minutes.  No longer did I stew about things, no more did I worry and wonder, the stomach ache had passed as well.  I didn’t realize it then, but I think that was my first sign of the writing potential inside of me.  A potential that would take another ten years before I could truly see it for myself and take hold of it.  Now, to imagine my life without writing is almost impossible.  It’s who I am and who I want to become…a writer.  Right now, I’m writing fiction romance and throwing my thoughts in this blog.  Tomorrow?  Who knows!  If I can stay focused long enough to finish my second novel, hopefully the bigger picture of my future will begin to unfold.

It sounds like it would be great, to have that remote in hand and control the outcome of things, but I would probably make things worse and mess up that whole ‘space-time-continuum’ thing.  Besides, for every bad decision I’ve made, I hope I’ve made at least 100 good ones.  Good, bad or otherwise, all those moments have shaped me into the person I am today and I’ve finally figured out that I really like her!  From this point forward, I’ll continue to trust God with writing the rest of my story.  As it turns out…he’s a pretty good writer too!

Write on my fellow writers…there is FREEDOM in those words!

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