Coffee with George

My morning started out with such good intentions of writing on my second book and getting past 40k words.  Good goals right?  I thought so.  Before I started my day however, I stopped by to visit a friend as I had promised.  George is about 89 (or 90…he’s very mysterious about his age) and I met him at Starbucks almost two years ago.  After passing each other every morning for a year, I decided to get to know him.  He just looked like someone who needed a friend.  At first, it was just small things.  A

Today’s visit lasted almost three hours.  When I arrived, I could tell he wasn’t feeling all that well and he was a bit wobbly.  His fridge was also empty, so I offered to take him grocery shopping, thus stepping a little bit further into George’s world.   He knew almost everyone we passed in the store at his local grocery, and they seemed to adore him as well.  He kept telling me how much he enjoyed having someone walk with him through the store and remind him of what he needed.  For that alone, I am glad I altered my course for today and spent time with him.

My visits with George make me miss my family and my Grandmother even more.  Moments like today remind me how precious my family is and over the last several years, I’ve missed out on many of those moments.  I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever get back home, but I do know my priorities in life are changing in that sense.  I’m grateful for coffee with George.  It’s very rewarding to know that I’m helping brighten another person’s life in a what is such a small thing for me, but has a very big impact on him.  It also reminds me to appreciate all the blessings I have and not to waste any more of my time on the things that don’t matter or make a difference to someone else in this life.

Until next time…

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