A Little Bloggin’ Fun! (Sounds Irish, huh?)

Okay – I’m tired of the ‘touchy-feely’, inspirational, deep meaning, heart-felt, ho-hum-drum blog posts already! (Yes I mean my own…)   Today, I want to write about coffee!  Or, maybe write something funny to make you laugh – or both!  So…that’s what I’m going to do.  It’s my ‘Nonsensical Blog of Nothingness’  – random thoughts about, well…nothing.  And along the way, I might just commit a few editorial sins or throw in a few emoticons or Emojis!  What has become of our English language people?  Emojis?  Really?  I had someone type that word in a text message to m

This kind of feels like I’m a guest writer for an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s show – a show about nothing.  I am rather enjoying this little blog post about NOTHING.  The question is…are you reading it?  Of course you are – you were sucked in from the beginning!  Well, don’t stop now…it only gets better from here right?   Now comes the segment about coffee – my favorite!  If you’re a coffee snob, you probably want to tune out from this point on.  I’m not a coffee snob really, I just love coffee – any coffee.  Growing up, my dad always made me ‘milk-coffee’.  It was 1/4 c decaf coffee, sugar, and LOTS of warm milk- all mixed together in my favorite sippy cup.  Just what every toddler needs right?  Okay, okay…I was at least six or seven, but not much older.  That began my love of coffee.  He probably served me Sanka back then – which totally reminds me of the Sebastian Maniscalco comedy segment about having ‘company’ over to his house.  SO funny!  If you haven’t heard this man…you are in for a treat!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6yWD0LYIXk   (Did I mention I have adult ADD?)

My love of coffee has evolved over the years.  I moved up to Folgers at some point, then switched to the gourmet ‘Maxwell House’, thinking I was all that and a bag of chips.  I even enjoy a cup of cowboy coffee now and again, brewed over an open campfire.

Interesting fun fact:  The famous ‘Boston Tea Party’ in 1773 was planned in a coffee house, the Green Dragon and the New York Stock Exchange and the Bank of New York started in coffeehouses too.  Smart!

When I got a little older however, I discovered a little place called Starbucks.  That began a love affair that still exists today.  My favorite beverage is one I like to call the ‘Zebra’, or the ‘Tuxedo’, or one placed called it the ‘Michael Jackson’ (not very nice I know…but kind of funny right?).  It’s also known as a Black and White Mocha – consisting of three pumps of white syrup, and two pumps of the mocha sauce.  It’s less bitter – a little sweeter with that particular combination.  I don’t deviate from that drink too often.  When I do change, it causes panic amongst my regular Baristas – fearing that some drastic change has occurred or the barometric pressure has dropped to an unusually low level, thus causing me to be disoriented or unstable.

I love coffee so much, that I decided to become a Barista back in 2008, trained by a local coffee roaster in Olympia.  I worked for a short time at a local shop and loved it…I was paid in coffee.  (just kidding).  Now, my dream is to own my own coffee shop someday – selling coffee, and books (of course I have to sell books…I’m an author for crying out loud!), and if it happens to be located next to a beach, then that’s okay by me.

Speaking of coffee at the beach – my hat is off to Sea Level Bakery & Coffee in Cannon Beach, OR.  They make their own chocolate sauce for their mocha beverages.  AMAZING!

The beach is a great place for many things – long walks, sea shell collecting, Frisbee playing, sandcastle building, relaxing, taking deep breaths and allowing life to slow down a little, and gaining clarity.  Watching the waves roll in on a cloudy, misty day can sometimes provide you with the exact amount of clarity you need to face whatever is ahead of you.

Dang it…I promised I wouldn’t get all mushy or sentimental…stupid beach!  🙂  Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog about nothing, emojis, coffee, and the beach.   What WILL I blog about next?  No one knows, but I hope you come back and see!

Until next time, enjoy a latte made with love by your local Barista!

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