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Hope in the Rain

As a little girl, Laci Kramer always found hope in the rain and believes that good things always follow it. Since losing her husband however, she has trouble seeing the good in anything except her kids and her job…until one rainy day when she boards a plane back home, and something good sits down beside her.

Mitch is a recent widower and new winery owner from North Carolina. As he settles into his seat on a short four-hour flight, he is unexpectedly surprised by the woman next to him. She shared her gum, and he lost his heart.

A bi-coastal romance begins, and an old-fashioned courtship brings their love to life. But will it be strong enough to survive when threatened by Laci’s uncertain future? Can Laci’s faith help overcome the fear of what lies ahead in order to give Mitch her heart, or will she push him away to spare him from reliving a horrible tragedy in his past?

Laci will lose hope in love, and life...until it rains.

Grace after the Storm
Mitch and Laci will experience a great loss and return to the Pacific Northwest for healing and renewal. On their trip however, they encounter a new friend and a business venture that will bring Mitch’s brother, Brad, a little closer to finding love.

Brad longs to find his one, but no one can compare to Hannah...his one true love, and the woman he left behind years ago for his career. Since then, on what would have been their wedding anniversary, he remembers their love and writes her a letter. It's never mailed. Never opened. Never read. Until this year, when a storm changes everything.

Hannah is unable to keep her family’s Pacific Northwest estate going after her parents’ death, and it's now in foreclosure. Sparks fly however when the estate is purchased and the new owner arrives – the very man who was once the love of her life. The same man who left her years ago. Hannah must deal with painful memories from her past as she is forced to work with Brad to save her estate, but will her stubborn pride cause her to push him away again?

Hannah begins to see Brad in a new light, and the love she felt for him long ago starts to return, however a storm of events will begin that may destroy their last chance for love, as well as Hannah’s life. Brad and Hannah will face both tragedy and loss as they rekindle their love, reminding them that grace always follows the storm.  


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